The first game in English is here. „Sha‘ ar Haracha“

What is the story behind?

It’s 1942 –  me and my friends Amer, Julo and Ivan attend Jewish school….. The great support during this difficult period is our teacher Walter. Today it is Thursday 2nd April and Walter has not been at school for 2 days. This is not common in his case. It is a mystery…. We have no idea what to do…. He couldn‘t have just left. The worst option came to our minds …. Was he sent somewhere by train? We have to figure it out.

Advneture game – you will get backpack, map, instructions – everything you need to play and have fun.

Difficulty:It is very subjective „moderate“
Start/Finish:Train station Žilina – Záriečie / St. Mary’s square
Route length:4,5 – 5 km
Time limit: 2 – 3 hours
Number of players:2 – 5
Age:No limitation. (Children only when accompanied by an adult).
Instructions:You will get all the informations in the beginning of the game.


Weekend/Holiday:49 €/team
Extra player*:5 €/extra person

The number of players in the team: 2 – 5.

*The number of players in the team: 2 – 5. Each extra player + 5 €.

How does it work?

  • We will meet you and your team at the start point of the game (Train station Žilina – Záriečie), where we give you all the instructions and information you need to be able to get from one point to another.
  • In every place you have to accomplish a task to be able to get to the next place.
  • Don’t worry – we are on the phone whole time in case you will need any help.


If you want to play please call us or send us an e-mail 2 days in advance – at least.

Any questions?

Phone:+421 948 250 163, +421 907 640 573

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